Lammers Casting Video Business Card
We shot the video business card  and designed a landing page for Lammers Casting, a casting agency based in Los Angeles, CA.
Steril 101 Explainer + Training Video | BioCare Tech USA
We shot a training video for BioCare's antimicrobial coating, Steril 101, based in Los Angeles, CA. Later they approached us to make an explainer video too.
The Contentment Coach Video Business Card
We produced a video business card and social media content for the Contentment Coach, who is a certified Life Coach and educator, based in Los Angeles, CA.
Pick-pocket-Proof DayPack Crowdfunding Video
This is one our first video projects! We shot and edited this crowdfunding video for the ultimate lightweight daypack for travelers and commuters alike!
Sonic Fetch | Crowdfunding Video
We started out as a one-man band in San Francisco, CA. We shot a crowdfunding video for web-based search engine app, Sonic Fetch.